David Kelly

David is a Group Director with the Building Research Establishment. David’s background is in building physics and he now operates as Group Director leading BRE’s Innovation Parks in the UK, China, Brazil and Canada. The BRE Innovation Park concept has been established to support the development and implementation of Government policies in relation to issues such as construction innovation, sustainability, energy efficiency, health and wellbeing, resilience and climate change. David’s role as Group Director is to lead the development and operation of these facilities. This role also involves engaging with public and private sector partners, Governments, academics and supply chain partners, within the UK and internationally, to ensure the Innovation Parks deliver the impact required at a national and international level. David has led the development of BRE’s ‘Dementia home refurbishment’ project at the Innovation Park @ Ravenscraig and is coordinating BRE’s activities in housing for an ageing population.